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Today Timesheet for Small Businesses!

Dominate Time with Today Timesheet software! A Web-based application that helps you combats time tracking fuss! Today Timesheet is a complete accounting, budgeting and Project management solution suitable to improve your work efficiency! Record time, expenses and boost task proficiency with Today Timesheet! All you need is a web access to get started!

Our Mission

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    Today Timesheet Nuts and Bolts!

    As a Client, you have every reason to ask what I will get with Today Timesheet. So, here is it!
    You will get:

    Employee Timesheet Management
    Billing management
    Employee Attendance
    Expense entry
    Task Management
    Project Management tool
    Overtime hours tracking

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    Get Control Over Time with Today Timesheet!

    Configure Today Timesheet according to your project rate:
    Use/ Modify employee form for billing rate on the basis of:
    Assigned Roles [Time Entry will pick role based billing rate defined in [Project Roles] configuration].
    Assigned Tasks [Time Entry will pick billing rate defined in individual project tasks].
    Employee Rate [Time Entry will pick employee own billing rate defined in [Employee] form], and
    Project Employee Rate [Time Entry will pick project based team member billing rate defined in [Project Team].

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    Secure Invoicing!

    Create invoices for your valuable client. Every detail is made clear to you via invoice that shows your client name, invoice number, invoice date, billing rate, bill hour, timesheet description and amount. Generated invoices are stored in the secure database along with your time logs and expense. You can view or edit it at any time. Create Invoices for the existing time entries and expenses or alternatively. You are at liberty to add new records with actual invoice. As you keep saving more invoices, you can view statistics including total due to be paid, total taxes collected.

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Why Choose Today Timesheet?

Today Timesheet is a web-based, timesheet management application that provides timesheet control and project management solutions for workgroups of any size or complexity. With Today Timesheet, you can record time and expenses quickly and easily at any time, from anywhere with Internet access. Once submitted, timesheets and expenses are automatically delivered to the appropriate supervisor or manager for approval. Additionally, reports can be generated to track data such as project costs, client billing, utilization, and time off. Unlike traditional PC applications or client-server applications, the only software that is required on each user's PC is a standard Javascript-enabled web browser. This application is installed and runs on your web server.

Powered with Microsoft (TM)

User Friendly Experience!

Today Timesheet is Enterprise Ready!

Secure Data Storage that Gives You Protection Against DDoS Attacks!

Guranteed Work Efficiency

Easy Access! (100% Web-based)

24/7 Support!

Countless Satisfied Customers

About Today Timesheet

Employee Timesheet Management  Unites States

Did you know?

New version of Today Timesheet comes with an elegant look with more features and is also compatable with your Smart Phones! Cloud or Intranet Solution for tracking time and expenses for client billing, project time tracking and project costing. is easy to use and simple to configure. A cloud-based timesheet system automates your project time tracking, project costing, and client billing. Cloud-based today timesheet solution offers real-time reports so that, you can instantly view all project time, cost and billing information, execute and bill projects faster, make more informed decisions, reduce project time tracking, time and attendance, and expense reporting overhead and administrative costs.