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  • Today Timesheet Useful Features
  • Today Timesheet Useful Features
  • Today Timesheet Useful Features

Today Timesheet Features (Overview):

  • Time Tracking

    Time Tracking helps managers monitor what is being accomplished while employees are on the clock

  • Expense Tracking

    Save time by reducing or eliminating paper work.

  • Time-Off Tracking

    Allows your supervisors to schedule around time when you are away.

  • Time Billing And Invoicing

    Create invoices for your clients by fetching all billable time and expense entries.

  • Project Management

    Use Gantt chart, assign resources in a most useful and easy way with the help of multiple graphs.

  • Project Time and Expense

    Add notes to any project or employee timesheet, view status of any project, compare budget vs actual time & costs of your projects.

  • Commercial Open Source

    Modify or add any features, create web services, connect to third party softwares.

  • Online

    Access your online timesheet system from anywhere around the world using any browser.

  • On-Premises Locally Installed

    Application files and database will be placed on your own server / system.

  • Mobile Application

    Capture your time against your clients, projects, and tasks on the go.

  • Custom Fields

    Create your required fields everywhere i.e. Projects, Tasks, Employees, Timesheets, Reports etc. (list, numbers, characters).

  • Customizable Role based security

    based customizable security options allows administrator to restrict / grant permissions based on the role of the user

  • Custom Reports

    Customized Reports feature allows you to create custom reports having formula field option, summarized / grouping option and header footer option.

  • Dashboard View

    Customizable Dashboard allows every user to customize the graphs / data to be displayed while they are logged in.

  • Gantt Chart

    Today Timesheet’s powerful interactive Gantt chart makes planning and managing your projects easier than ever before. Our online project management program allows you to quickly see which team members are available to be assigned to a task according to their scheduled workload and job role.

  • Multi Language

    Available in every major language.

  • Import / Export

    Import / Export option allows the user to import or export data via CSV files, MS Excel, MS Project and Quickbooks

  • Customized Email Templates

    Email Templates are customizable as to keep the language of the notifications / reminders as per your own need

  • Active Directory Integration

    Active Directory integration is to authenticate users from your Active Directory Server.

  • LDAP/Open LDAP Integration

    LDAP / Open LDAP integration is to authenticate users from your own existing LDAP / Open LDAP Servers.

  • Single Sign-On

    With Single Sign-On feature, all you can login with the already provided Windows login.

  • Audit Trial

    Audit Trial keeps track of your changes in timesheets along with the approval status.

  • Change Terminology

    Change the captions of the applications as per your own standards. For example, If you want the task to be named as “Jobs” everywhere, you can do it easily by setting up Terminology.