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Today Timesheet Time Tracking Features:

  • Custom Periods

    Supports following types of periods for timesheet input.
    - Daily
    - Weekly

  • Customized Approval Path

    Supports custom & multi-level approval paths for projects / employees.

  • Email Notifications/Reminders

    Customizable email notifications to remind employees for their pending timesheets and also notifies the approver for their pending approvals. Also, there are various other useful notification which keeps end-user updated about the changes being done in the system i.e. Projects / Tasks / Time Off etc.

  • Validations & Policies Setup

    Setup policies and validations for timesheet input for different group of employees i.e.
    - Minimum & Maximum Hours Per Day
    - Minimum & Maximum Hours Per Period
    - Locking of Next / Previous Periods
    - Selection of Week Days and Week Start Day.

  • Customized Reports

    Various detailed and summarized reports for timesheets are available with all possible filters. Also, you can create new reports or customize already created reports.

  • Audit Trial

    Audit Trial keeps track of every input / modification for each timesheet.

  • Certifications

    - DCCA
    More info about DCCA compliant feature in Timesheet Time Tracking
    - Sarbanes Oxley Timesheet
    More info about Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance in Timesheet Online Time Tracking
    - Section 508 Compliance
    More info about Section 508 Compliance in Timesheet

Today Timesheet Time tracking software also helps managers monitor what is being accomplished while employees are on the clock-allowing organizations to more efficiently manage the time and productivity of its workforce!