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Online Timesheet Services

With the never-ending complexity and in-house knowledge required to install, secure and maintain software, companies are looking for simpler implementation alternatives when purchasing time and expense tracking software. By downloading or accessing Today Timesheet from Today Timesheet Inc. from Web Servers, clients no longer need to concern themselves with all these technical complications. Companies can focus on increasing profitability and efficiencies from using our software rather than wasting energy and inevitable implementation delays on making sure they have a state-of-the-art server or have the latest security patch from Microsoft.

The Benefits of Online ASP: Software as a Service
  • Hosted Online Basics
    • Today Timesheet is hosted on a Managed multi-homed, Tier 1 network, monitored 24/7
    • Free Today Timesheet software upgrades
    • World-class data centers with redundant power and HVAC systems
    • Daily Backup of client information
    • Download a white paper describing our Online ASP Services security.
  • Responsive Customer Care Services
    • Team focused on Today Timesheet and your service needs
    • Unlimited access to telephone/e-mail/livechat software support specialists
  • Security / Privacy
    • Today Timesheet uses an exclusive encrypted login algorithm designed by Timesheet Inc.
    • Private Secure Access
    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL, HTTPS)
    • Automated Servers OS patching
    • Server compromise checks (on demand)
    • DOS Protection
    • Intrusion detection System (IDS) Protection and Assessment
    • Disaster recovery planned and backup.
  • Data Backup Management
    • Private and secure dedicated backup network
    • Daily data backups
    • Optional archival of client data (on demand)
    • Optional supply of client data externally on daily/weekly basis (on demand)
    • Optional database backup of customer data for keeping local Timesheet database in sync with hosted database.
  • Installation

    Don’t worry about your Server Infrastructure or Operating Systems as there are No Installations

  • Quick Software Deployment

    Our Today Timesheet can be used within an hour or two following your purchase.

  • No Technical Personal Required

    With Timesheet, everything i.e. maintenance / upgrade will be done by our dedicated technical team. The database maintenance, application upgrade and hardware etc, all will be managed by us. You do not need to have anything technical at your end.

  • Maintenance & Backups

    Timesheet handles all maintenance and backups of your data on a regular basis so your company doesn’t have to.

  • Global Access

    Sure you can open up your network to the Internet, but why not let our secure hosted online environment accomplish this for you and know that your timesheet software is monitored 24/7 for global accessibility.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Our SLA assures you of satisfaction and should an issue occur; then Timesheet will fix the software without requiring any infrastructure/software deployment overhead.

  • Service Packs & Upgrades

    Today Timesheet Inc. maintains your Today Timesheet with the very latest solution, ensuring your satisfaction by providing a consistently improving application experience. Eliminate your Internal IT Pains – Timesheet knows that IT departments are very busy, and the advantage of our Hosted Online (SaaS) solution is that your IT burdens are reduced by avoiding the traditional client/server model. This leaves your IT staff focused on improving daily operations in your company rather than maintaining 3rd party software.

  • Monthly Subscription / No Contracts

    There is no fee to start or Free. And, you can pay on month to month base subscription. Also, the subscription can be canceled at any time later.

  • Budgets

    By using Today Timesheet Hosted Online (SaaS), you will realize an immediate cost savings from a cash flow perspective and thanks to a reduction in IT requirements, you may even save additional resource time/people.

  • Conclusion

    By using our Hosted Online (SaaS) application, your company can focus on your business without worrying about the tool that can help you do it.

No installation, no setup. Online cloud-based (SaaS) time tracking software allow you to access your online timesheet system from anywhere around the world using any browser. Users and contractors can easily and securely enter their timesheet online.