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Expense tracking
  • Today Timesheet Expense tracking
  • Today Timesheet Expense tracking
  • Today Timesheet Expense tracking

Expense Tracking Features:

  • Expenses Entry View

    Provides expense sheet input view to input expense that occurs against project. Also, it allows you to enter mileage for the expenses.

  • Customized Approval Path

    Supports custom & multi-level approval paths for projects / employees.

  • Visa Payment Option

    Supports Multi Currency expense entries with exchange rate history for specific date ranges.

  • Tax Calculation

    Based on your regional policies, configure the calculation of tax and select tax or multiples taxes on expenses.

  • Flexible Billing Option

    Billable / Non-billable option is to specify whether the client should be billed or not for specific expense sheets.

  • Expense Reimbursement

    Track your expenses for pending reimbursement and mark those who are reimbursed already.

  • Attach Expense Receipts

    Attach expense receipts / memos to the expense sheets for Supervisor/ Team Lead review.

  • Email Notifications/Reminders

    Notifies the approver for their pending approvals.

  • Customized Reports

    Various detailed and summarized reports for timesheets are available with all possible filters. Also, you can create new reports or customize already created reports.

Today Timesheet Expense tracking, saves time to reduce or eliminate paper work because all your expenses management processes are managed online.